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Brazil-born and Seattle-based vocalist Adriana Giordano draws inspiration from the deep well of Brazilian song. She is an effervescent presence on the bandstand. With a deep passion for the music of her homeland, she sings with a mesmerizing and infectious lyricism. Her melodic finesse and rhythmic acuity weave seamlessly, allowing her to soar over grooves and open each song effortlessly.

Giordano has dazzled Seattle audiences since 2010, performing and collaborating with a variety of artists from Seattle, Brazil and Spain including EntreMundos Quarteto, the Forró septet En Canto, and The Quarantine Sessions among others. Recognized for her impeccable work as the Brazilian Music producer of the Seattle area, creator/director of the Seattle Latin, Brazilian & Caribbean Festival as well as the Seattle Interprets Jobim concert series.